Thing means USB Type-C?

Thing means USB Type-C?

With USB Type-C we mean a particular type of USB port and connector of the latest generation. USB Type-C performs very similar functions (even if improved in technology) compared to its classic USB brothers but has a feature that can be very important if you always go in a hurry and if you do not get along with the cables: the USB Type-C does not have a direction of insertion, so you can safely plug the cable into its slot without the risk of breaking it because it “does not enter” – something that happened instead , and also often, to those who tried to insert classic USB cables on the contrary.


Obviously you can’t use a USB Type-C cable in a classic port and vice versa: However, there are some special adapters that will allow you to “turn” USB Type-C into classic USB, so you can – for example – recharge your phone even when you don’t have a USB type-C port available.


Until now I’ve only told you about “details”, but this type of specification was not born at random! With USB Type-C, in fact, the speed with which the data is exchanged is increased and technologies are introduced that allow to transfer, via USB, also a high quality video signal and higher amounts of electricity than its ancestors. Today, in fact, there are high definition monitors that can be connected to devices via USB type-C and there are laptops, such as new MacBooks, which use their own USB type-C to recharge the battery!


This type of USB is used more and more often on new generation phones. But do not despair: If your computer has the classic USB ports you can still connect your smartphone (but lose some speed if you need to transfer your files). As I said, just an adapter!

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